January 15, 2011

1st Giveaway Winner of $25 to vintageprecious on Etsy

I am excited to announce the winner of my 1st giveaway for $25 to my shop vintageprecious on Etsy.  Thank you to the three lovely ladies who participated in the lyrics game.  The winning name will be drawn from a  gorgeous vintage hat from my husband's vintage collection.  My handsome assistant wearing a tux will draw the name, eat your heart out James Bond and Cary Grant!

Congrats Priscilla! Priscilla had the most entries into the drawing. ♥ VintagePrecious

January 13, 2011

Sweet Valentine

This photo is the back of the skirt originally made from recycling ruffle scraps, hence the seam in the ruffle.  New skirts will not have the seam and not be made from recycled pieces.

I decided to merge my love of altered art and mixed media making this skirt my canvas.  Inspired by Valentine's Day I made an applique from a vintage Valentine.  A lovely fabric print reminiscent of a vintage hankie is ruffled behind the vintage Valentine. Sweet buttons are a lovely touch and serve no functional use.  A sweet bow is made from polka dot chiffon and topped with a button.  Vintage inspired prints are mixed and frosted like a cupcake with girly ruffles. ♥ VintagePrecious  

January 11, 2011

A Lovely Tea Party

The 100 Years of Royal Albert Collection

Mary Cassatt Tea

Wedding cake by Cake As Art

Lovely tea cup from my vintage tea cup collection


Lovely Marie Antoinette by CafeBaudelaire

Lovely tea cups from my vintage tea cup collection

Lovely Pink tea cups from my vintage tea cup collection

I use this pink vintage tea cup to hold my business cards in

Shabby Chic vintage prom dresses from Rachel Ashwell's collection

Design by Delphine Photography by Jennifer Dery

Inspiration for you, enjoy! ♥ VintagePrecious

January 10, 2011

Valentine's Chic

lovely finds in pale romantic pinks, pink & black, back & white and delicious red.  My full list of Etsy finds of the week  are here Valentine's Chic.

Lovely pink roses photograph by Photobistro on Etsy

Black bag by HeartFeltByNina on Etsy

Lovely scented bookmarks by gardenmis on Etsy

Lovely photo by aldari

Yummy velvet cake by tookies

Enjoy! ♥ VintagePrecious

January 08, 2011

Soft Dreamy Colors Mint And Pink

One of my favorite places to go is the antique store, my vintage collection would attest to this.  Vintage is wonderful for inspiration.  I love the soft dreamy colors in the Dresden collectible figurine in soft muted minty green and pale pink.  Vintage gowns in sweet shades of delicate pink & a lovely lamp in mint.  So lovely in person a cell phone couldn't capture their heavenly quality. ♥ VintagePrecious

January 06, 2011

The Making Of A Pink Princess Dress

Pretty in pink, a custom order in all pink.  Using math to determine ruffle lengths and widths they are cut, hems are finished & ruffles perfectly formed.  A dreamy rose ruffle will soon be Marie Antoinette style ruffles adorning the front & back of the dress skirt.  Lovely shirring on the bodice back is wonderful for growth and petite frames.  To be continued...

January 03, 2011

Parking Lot At Vintage Heaven

Art Deco Inspiration and it's a Duesy! I photographed these Deco darlings in Passadena, California. Classic cars are simply divine, Garbo wanted to be alone in her Duesenberg. In lovely gray is a Duesenberg and the stunning brown is a 1929 Cadillac. Completely inspired, Art Deco era Valentines will soon adorn new Valentines Day skirts.

January 01, 2011

How to make every little girl feel like a princess in 10 steps

10. Hang a princess sign in her room.

9. Redo her bedding in princess style.

8. Add more sparkle to her room.

7. Add more pink in her wardrobe.

6. Bake her a cake in her honor just because.

5. Have a tea party and make a toast to your little princess.

4. Style her hair with ribbons, bows and pretty hair accessories.

3. Crown her with a lovely tiara.

2. Every princess needs a princess dress.

1. Tell her how much you love her all while showering her with hugs and kisses!