January 01, 2011

How to make every little girl feel like a princess in 10 steps

10. Hang a princess sign in her room.

9. Redo her bedding in princess style.

8. Add more sparkle to her room.

7. Add more pink in her wardrobe.

6. Bake her a cake in her honor just because.

5. Have a tea party and make a toast to your little princess.

4. Style her hair with ribbons, bows and pretty hair accessories.

3. Crown her with a lovely tiara.

2. Every princess needs a princess dress.

1. Tell her how much you love her all while showering her with hugs and kisses!



Tess, Gilded Days said...

awww, such sweet ideas!

Vintage Precious said...

Thank you so much Tess! :)

Gardenmis said...

Yay for a blog of your own! Looking great :D