May 24, 2011

French Roses In Pink

 Lovely pink French roses on the prettiest background of blues and white.  A treasure hunt it was before I found this perfect blend of pinks and blues in French reproduction roses to create precious girls dresses.  These lovely photo's are the first to capture my design in this newest fabric.  More dress photo's available in my shop and even more to come!


Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

You make such beautiful dresses!so timeless and fairytale like,xx

Vintage Precious said...

Thank you Cassandra! Your cuffs and broches are so very lovely!

Sandy said...

Saw you today for the first time on Etsy! Fell in Love with your gowns. Girl you are so talented.
God Blessed you - and now you are using the talents He gave you.

I sew too... but, not gowns like these!
You can visit me if you like.

Vintage Precious said...

Hi Sandy, Thank you so much for blessing me with your encouraging words! I'm following you, such sweet summer dress you make. :)