June 21, 2011

When I Take the Newsletter Plunge

When I take the newsletter plunge I want to do right.   Believe it or not email still reigns king compared to other forms of social media in generating sales.  Or at least that is what the statistic's show in the latest articles I've read, reigning in at 30%.  I am going to want people to sign up for my newsletter, right? Then I'm going to want an awesome Call to Action.  A what what?  In reading lots of marketing blogs I've learned what a call to action is.  It's a response you want users to complete. So an awesome call to action encourages users to act.  Let me show you an example of one call to action that recently sucked me in.

via handmadesuccess.com
 There are many techniques used in an effective call to action.  In the example here handmadesuccess.com identified my problem or my need and offered a solution as an added bonus for just subscribing to their newsletter! Did you notice the language they used? "Get Instant Access when you sign up for the Handmade Success newsletter."  Yep, I signed up!  In looking at their call to action I discovered other things that attracted me and caught my attention.  I identified color, I love these colors and I'm a sucker for pink.  Have you ever thought of color as another language?

via Kissmetrics

I also identified a little bit of whimsy.  When looking for some photo helps for this blog post I check Etsy first, of course.  When cruising at mad speed though pages on Etsy, this photo made me stop and go back for another look.

via Etsy here

It's full of whimsy, has all the right colors and quite colorful.  Come on, it's a picture of a cupcake, of course I went back for more! ;) Well, here's some food for thought when you're ready to take the newsletter plunge.



Katrina said...

Definitely never thought of color as another language - great point though! Looking forward to "answering your call" for a future newsletter :)

Vintage Precious said...

Thanks Katrina! No wonder I love the colors the right, lol. ;)

Sandy said...

Wow, this is toooooo cool!
Thanks so much. I am very busy with my own Etsy Shoppe. And finally did it!(check out my blog and you'll see it in the sidebar). I am just like you.
A perfectionist and when I do it I have to do it right.
So I decided to launch my jewelry first.
Making sure I don't get overwhelmed. Other items will follow as time (or should I say - kids) allows it.
Color is a very important factor. I am also working on a logo for cards and woven labels.
And there you have it... I fell for the color option.
Girl you are right on it! And again thanks.

Vintage Precious said...

You are most welcomed Sandy! Your jewelry is so pretty! I will share how I came up with my name if you want to use the same method, I wish I could remember the blog that helped me with this! Two words that describe your style &/or something meaninful. for me vintage vintage vintage, I love love vintage and my inspiration comes from vintage, so 1st word VINTAGE. 2nd word Precious, because you are precious in His sight. I want precious little girls to feel precious in my designs. There you go, Vintage Precious! :)

Tess, Gilded Days said...

This is great food for thought Athena! I have a very neglected newsletter and I want to put a sign-up out at my show this weekend. Am definitely going to incorporate some color and more "active" language now!

Vintage Precious said...

Wonderful! I hope you did great at your show and received lots of new subscribers!