August 16, 2011

Relax and Read Blog Hop Wednesday #3!

Welcome to my 3rd Relax and Read Blog Hop Wednesday.  Today's Lovely feature is Priscilla of gardenmis.  Priscilla is a dear sweet friend and owner of gardenmis on Etsy.  She has such beautiful lovelies in her shop, some of my favorite are her Lavender filled handmade sachets.  Take a peek, I wish this photo was scratch and sniff!

Lavender sachets by gardenmis

1. Today's linking is a little different from before, link a post from your blog. Please add your lovely blog post link from any post from your blog.

2. Please vote for your favorite blog, the blog with the most votes will be featured in the next blog hop! Voting starts Thursday evening and ends Monday evening.

3. Relax and read.

Enjoy! Thank you so much.



theolivetree said...

that would be great if it were a scratch and sniff :)

Vintage Precious said...

I know, lol, we need that kind of technology! ;)

Sandy said...

How funny scratch and sniff! Scary too when you think of it!
I really want to join your blog hops, for some reason it seems not as easy as the first time I joined - so miss joining.

Sandy said...

Hey Athena, miss your posts hope you are okay.

Bec said...

Hi, stopping by from the Wandering Wednesday Blog Hop. Followed your blog. Hope you can follow me back :)