February 01, 2012

Beautiful Wedding, Gorgeous Bride and Precious Flower Girl

I'm back!  I had a very lovely much needed time off and it is lovely to be back.  

I am so pleased to share a gorgeous photo with you.  I had the pleasure of making a flower girl dress for the daughter of the bride.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to open an email from the bride with beautiful photo's!  This photo is just priceless!  It really took my breath away, mother and daughter are captured here in such a way the photo says it all.  The flower girl is wearing my silk design in an ivory bridal silk with adjustable sleeves.  The sleeve can be worn on the shoulder, slightly off the shoulder or completely loosened to be worn off the shoulder as seen in this lovely photo.

I am happy to share a special announcement!  After many many requests I am now designing women's dresses and wedding dresses.  I will begin to unveil my designs this spring.



theolivetree said...

you are sooooooo talented! That dress is stunning!

dkshopgirl said...

gorgeous Athena! Really beautiful photo - you should be very proud.
x Deborah.

Vintage Precious said...

Thanks so much Deborah and The Olive Tree! :)

cestMoi Sandy said...

Yeeeeeaaaah Athena! You are back my friend! And what a comeback it is.
I love love love that you shared this good news with us.
What a beautiful gown! So You!
Congrats on your new adventure.
Thanks for visiting me!
I missed you!~

Vintage Precious said...

Thanks Sandy!!! I missed you too!!! :) Be sure to enter the giveaway you are definately a Do It All Mom! :D