July 17, 2011

Dream in Soft Pastels

Photo's via Pinterest as well as yarn, paint samples , candy and cupcakes *

Pretty photographs in soft pastels so candy sweet.  Jar of dreams, candy hearts, cupcakes, candy, yarn, paint samples, nail polish, more candy.  Each photo not only adds softness by using pastel colors, but adds that extra delicate touch using the perfect amount of blur. Enjoy!

*If you are the owner to any of the above photo's please let me know so I may credit you.  If you would like me to remove it, please contact me and I will remove it.


cara said...

such pretty photos! i actually have most of those essie nail polishes, love them!

Vintage Precious said...

Really! They are so pretty, how do you lik them?

Kristi said...

What a gorgeous array of pastels...my favorite!

Vintage Precious said...

I agree Kristi, gorgeous! :) Thanks!