July 21, 2011

A Lovely Plan For A Weekly Lineup

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I have really enjoyed blogging and I'm ready to create a lineup for my blog.  I love the idea of a blog hop and have decided to host one on my blog weekly every Wednesday!  I love Wednesday because to me midweek is more relaxing than the beginning or the end of the week.  So this Wednesday July 27th will be the first Relax and Read Blog Hop Wednesday!

I'm also considering a monthly Twitter and/or Facebook hop as well.  Any thoughts on this would be super appreciated!  I'd love to hear what your schedule is as I'm still looking for wonderful ideas to fill my weekly schedule. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and thank you! :)

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RhettDidntGiveADamn said...

Can't wait for your bloghop!

Sandy said...

I love the laundry sign.

The other day John asked me when I was going to decide to get the baskets full of laundry folded. No offense he added. It is just piling up something fierce.
I jokingly said, "well if it bothers you go ahead and get started" Open mouth insert food. Get it...
I wish I just had the sign and I could point at it.

I chuckled and had fun with this post Athena.

By the way I mentioned your give-away on my last post.

Have a great weekend.

Sandy said...

Well silly me A typo.
You can guess what my mind is full of.
Of course I meant open mouth insert foot.

Vintage Precious said...

Thanks, Rhett! Sandy, what typo, LOL, open mouth insert cheesecake, cookies, chocolate, sounds right to me, LOL! ;) Thank, I'm heading to your blog now!