July 26, 2011

Welcome To My 1st Blog Hop!

Welcome to my 1st blog hop, Relax and Read Blog Hop Wednesday!
Please add your lovely blog link, I look forward to reading your blog. 
Thanks for stopping by.



Fabulous Classroom said...

Thanks for hosting! Hope you will stop by my blog!!

Vintage Precious said...

Thank you Fabulous Classroom, I look forward to your blog! :)

carol anne said...

You blog is so pretty!

Sandy said...

What a great blog hop! And linking up for it actually went fairly easy.
But of course I goofed up.
ha ha ha ha
Next time I hop... I will put my blogname in the name section.
Till soon! ~SewitorBeadit~

Vintage Precious said...

Thank you Carol Anne!
Sandy, I did the same exact thing the 1st time I added my link to a blog hop! :D

An Ideal Mother said...

Thanks for hosting! Hope you enjoy mine, as I have enjoyed yours! ;-)

Vintage Precious said...

Thank you An Ideal Mother, can't wait to head over to your blog and enjoy! :)

MyHobbyShop said...

what a great idea! thanks for doing this :-)

Vintage Precious said...

Thanks Lily! :)

dkshopgirl said...

Hi Athena
Finally got to leave my blog giveaway details. Thank you for letting me do so.

I had so many nice comments when I used your picture on my blog so maybe you'll have more sales coming your way soon!

Look forward to more of your lovely posts!
all the best
Deborah (aka dkshopgirl)

Vintage Precious said...

That's wonderful, thank you Deborah! I'm following your lovely blog too :)