July 23, 2011

Isn't That Funny

It's been such a lovely weekend.  I transplated several of my indoor garden plants, but more about that later in another blog post.  I was just over at marthastewart.com heading for the crafts and began reading the 1st post and thought, what? Hey! Haha!  In a post titled Make It : Pink Party by Blake Ramsey posted 07/22/2011,

 "For Athena's birthday last month, we based the theme around one of Athena's favorite colors- bright pink. We all know she loves cats, so we had some special kitty appearances on the table as well."

Wow, that sounds familiar!  Of course I posted this comment, "How did you know, lol? My name is Athena, I love pink and adore kitties, but my birthday isn't for a few months! ;) Loved this of course! :D"  See, here is my logo, LOL!

Isn't that funny?  So who is the other Athena?  She is Athena Preston, Senior Associate Craft Editor. 


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Now that is weird! And guess what. My captcha word is pynksh. :)

Vintage Precious said...

Haha! It's like the twilight zone ;)